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Legal Media & Advertisement

Documenting your success stories and managing your expansion through a variety of online means and digital insights.

Media Monitoring and Identified Opportunities

Providing legal disputes, potential partnership and market insights, allows BD partners support your firm discover new opportunities and identify new ways of gaining new clients and landing new projects and consequently leading to business growth.


Through BD partners on-going media monitoring, market awareness and follow up, we will provide your firm with periodical report, newsletters and business guidelines that include clear insights on competitors research, the legal industry news and updates, showcase potential clients and opportunities, and any other matters related to the operations of the law firm.

Press RELEASE & Public Relations Management

PR activities help firms gain more visibility and credibility among targeted market. Proper PR management helps firm reach new clients, and increase exposure to your brand. Press releases and PR events are mainly utilized to gain publicity, we focus on grabbing the attention of clients and organizations by presenting news in the most interesting way possible, and promoting legal and corporate press releases.


BD partner helps you study the market, the targeted clientele and current clients to know which media should be used, how they could be utilized to achieve maximum efficiency, which news might be more appealing to the firm’s audience, and what is the best way to communicate it to your firm’s clients.

Announcements in Specialized Publications 

Publication by nature attracts many readers, when your work is more visible, more readers are made aware of what you do and offer, some become dedicated followers and eventually become clients.


Publication help promoting the firm’s activities and increase publicity, increasing the chance to obtain new clients.


BD partner will assist you in polishing and sharing major announcements related to the law firm’s business, such as disputes updates and new activities, by sharing them in different publications such as magazines, newspapers

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