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Digital Services for Law Firms

Complete digital solutions to help you expand your digital presence and increase awareness of your brand through services tailored to your law firm’s needs.

Social Media Management

Nowadays, social media has become one of the most efficient ways that help a firm reach a huge range of its audience, that is why properly managing a firm’s social media accounts has gained significance importance as it helps the firm in increasing its presence and Interaction with its clients and build a long lasting relationship with them.


Consequently, the digital presence has become an essence, being reachable to existing and potential client is defining factor when customers are selecting a law firm to deal with and helps in reflecting an excellent image of your firm.


BD Partner helps your firm in analyzing your services and objectives, with BD partner wide vision of the market, we understand your targeted customers and help you further understand them as well.


We will effectively and professionally manage all your social media accounts and help your firm reach effective digital presence. Moreover, we identify related and trendy topics, specify the number of posts that will be Introduced through multiple social media platforms, and set a social media calendar tailored to fulfill your firm’s needs.

Creative Content

Photography and videography can easily capture the attention of you audience, present your company in a professional way, and help you in establishing your brand identity and building trust with your audience.


BD partner can be responsible for the creation of photography and videography sessions for law firms in specific cases, as well as creating animated videos that captures attention and visually appealing, these digital solutions are provided whenever the law firm hosts events and conferences, seeks to introduce team members, share office announcements, or documents law firm’s developments.

Managing Newsletter Announcements

Having periodical newsletters that communicates latest industry news and announcement has proven itself to be and excellent way of communication, it keeps you law firm in touch with the clients and reflects trust and credibility.


BD partner will assist in designing and preparing announcements and newsletters, set a process for sending out the updates to the clients and to consistently keep them updated and increase their potential engagement.

Online branding and Content Direction

Online branding is the main step to attract your clients and increasing your client retention, the more recognizable a firm is, the more likely it is for its community grow.


This is the part of building and strengthening the firm’s branding and online presence. This also helps in identifying the firm’s benchmark and how they conduct business. Consistency in brand messaging is one the many factors that determine the growth and success of your firm.


BD partner will help you by carrying out researches to assess you law firm’s position in regards to different competitors to give you an ideas of the different online strategies that should be undertaken and choose and implement the strategy that best fit the law firm’s goals and branding.

Media Buying

Media buying increase the online reach of your company and improve your digital presence. You can focus on specific target, and utilize paid ads to reach it. Additionally, it help you in delivering specific messages to your audience.


There are a lot of paid ads like search ads for people who searched for a specific word, retargeting ads for people who visited the website and didn’t take action and social media ads for specific demographics.


BD partner can help you to manage any form on online paid advertising that the law firm wishes to engage on any platform such as Google, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram.

Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) communicates the importance and relevance of websites and pages to search engines such as Google, your content becomes more likely to rank high in the search engine results page and appear to users first when they search for relevant keywords.


The higher the website is listed, the more clients will see it, the importance of SEO is not something to be overlooked, search engines employ specific algorithms to direct online traffic to certain websites. Increasing the firm’s website ranking on search engines, helps further develop the firm’s online presence and increase its reach.


BD partner will assist your firm by developing the law firm’s website SEO by making sure its on-page SEO is regularly updated, building links to keyword research and preparing competitors analysis to optimize the page accordingly.

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