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Business Management for Law Firms

Expanding your business and ensuring your client satisfaction through innovative business and client management tools tailored for your law firm needs. 

Brand Design and Profiling

The brand design and profiling help you to communicate your business personality and shapes you clients’ perception of who you are. Moreover, it sets the expectations and promises you to extend to your clients in terms of quality, service, reliability and trustworthiness. Additionally, trust and loyalty are established between you and those who do business with you.


To do so, you need to identify your brand image, goals and unique selling proposition, then choose your colors, logos, imagery and shapes that reflects all that.


BD partner can provide your law firm based on its values, behavior, stories, vision and mission, with a specific (Corporate Identity Manual, hereafter referred as CIM), that incorporates logos, typography, colors, packaging and communication. All of these elements should complement the desired reputation of the law firm and how it is presented in front of other law firms and clients

Client Feedback Program

Feedback is crucial in helping your firm maintain competitive advantage, increase business growth, and know which of your firm’s activities require improvements and which do not, it basically highlights the strength and weaknesses of a law firm.


This will help you improve your client experience and satisfaction, additionally, it helps you learn more about your weaknesses and how to improve them and focus on your strength as to further develop them in the future. The feedback program helps you better understand you clients and learn more about their experience with your law firm.


BD partner assists your firm with periodical surveys, in which we ask a specifically designed questions that help us explore what your firm’s clients have experienced when dealing with your firm and what challenges did they face. Moreover, the clients’ responses are recorded and analyzed and clear reports are presented to your law firm to gain full understanding of their experience, identify areas that might require enhancement, and set action plans for improvement.

Giveaways and Promotional Materials

Corporate gifting helps your audience in keeping clear image of your brand name and features (Colors, Imagery…etc.) in their minds, additionally promotional materials and giveaways help in raising awareness of the firm’s brand identity awareness.


While many firms focus so much time and effort reaching out to new markets, they oven lost sight of the regular clients that are truly their most important asset. Promotional gifts often cost very little, but allow you to show your regular clients just how important they are to your business and how much you appreciate them.


BD partner can help you firm stand out by coming up with creative ideas for giveaways and promotional materials, creating designs that fit your objectives and brand identity and actually assisting in the distribution of the promotional materials.

Business Planning

Business planning helps your company on determining the short and long-term objectives. This can be done through identifying the business vision and mission, conducting SWOT analysis, Competitor analysis and Marketing plan.


BD Partner can help your law firm by creating a full business plan to ensure your firm is focused on following the steps necessary to keep it on the right track. This includes the identification of the right target client, and how to get along with them, in addition to determining the short and long-term objectives to ensure the efficiency of operations.


This includes the following:

  • Detailed Company Profile

  • Internal & External Market Research Analysis

Client Experience Management

Client Experience Management (hereafter referred to as CEM) refers to the work that an organization does to coordinate its interactions with clients and potential clients.


Improving your CEM helps you increase profits, incorporate data analysis, and helps you understand and improve your relationship with your clients, leading to positive word-of-mouth and making clients excellent advocates for your firm.


BD Partner can help your firm by maintaining relations with your clients through coordinating law firms’ interactions with their clients and potential clients, mapping their experience from start to end, gathering data about their interactions with the firm and understanding the strengths and weaknesses of the law firm's CRM.

Personal Branding

We live in a tech-savvy society and social medial is helping individuals connect with people all over the world, branding is not just another example of marketing term, it is actually critical to your online presence and to your firm’s success that the law firm’s partners have effective personal branding


Personal branding helps the management team increase their credibility and advance their careers to be on top of the competition and create a digital footprint.


BD partner will help you by optimizing personal social media accounts across multiple platforms, creating recommendations to help you enter the online market, and showcasing your services and credentials as experts in the industry as it helps attracting clients and establish credibility and trust.

 Document Management and Automation

Document Management helps your company in processing, creating, using, sharing, and maintaining law firm knowledge via integrative systems. This will facilitate the communication between the attorneys, improve the document archiving, enhance accessibility, and increase the speed of operations. The key elements of a Document Management System is to have enough storage, control who has access to what, and document tracking.


BD Partner can help your company with all the arrangements starting from the transfer of the law firm's information into secured folders, to be safely stored, consistently updated, and frequently used, based on the law firm's preference.

Event Management

Hosting events helps increase potential clients’ exposure to your brand, increasing brand awareness, and works on further improving your reputation in the legal community. By determining where to host an event within a reasonable range of prices, and identifying a theme and the logistics needed, you are halfway done with creating an event.


BD Partner can oversee all logistics before and during events hosted by your law firm. Whether the event is hosted in-person, virtually or hybrid of both; BD partner executes the events by managing staff, finances, vendor invitations and event coverage.

Preparing Presentations & Proposals

Having an informative and visual presentations and proposals that are creatively designed helps strengthen the firm’s professional image and brand identity.


Preparing creative tailored presentations and proposals that follow the same branding guidelines for teams and clients based on available content contribute to establishing a strong image in the minds of your firm’s clients and create an everlasting impression on them.


Bd will provide you with a readymade presentation template aligned with your brand identity guidelines, all what will be needed is to insert your information and you are set to go.

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