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Law & Technology

Kickstarting you digital presence and covering your internal and external technical needs through our inclusive technical solutions.

Website Building

A website is very important for your law firm, as it educates your audience on the services offered, helps them learn more about the firm and is used to improve the firm’s credibility and to help the audience form an image of the firm. In order to have an attractive website, you should focus on the content, technical buildup, Information accessibility and visual design.


BD partner can create your website from scratch, by writing markup and coding. The process incorporates the main non-design aspect of website building and management. This service is usually followed by website management. This involve front and backend development, user interface (UI), and user experience (UX). Also, BD partner ensure the security of the website to maintain the safety of its information.

Website Management

The website management helps in maintaining information updates, increasing credibility, and boosting the website’s ranking on search engines.


In order to keep your website attractive and increase the traffic. The website should always be updated with company information, to have content based on the keyword search and diversifying the backlinks portfolio.


BD Partner can help your company with the maintenance of the law firm's existing website by updating the website content, maintaining the website’s security, and building and improving the website's SEO.

Security and Backup

Cybersecurity is the practice of protecting systems, networks, and programs from digital attacks. These cyber-attacks are usually aimed at accessing, changing, or destroying sensitive information; extorting money from users; or interrupting normal business processes.


BD partner help you keep your information and your data safe with our security systems that are provided to keep your business stay safe. We also provide you with backup technology to always have a copy of your information and always stay safe and never fear the loss of your information or data. Moreover, never fear the hacking threats.

IT Infrastructure

Having a solid infrastructure is not a luxury anymore but rather having an essential role in growing your business. BD partner works with you step by step to build a solid infrastructure that fits your current work while putting in consideration your future plans and expansions.


We provide you with any necessary hardware or software needed for your activity as cloud servers, dedicated servers, virtual servers and develop IT infrastructure. Additionally, we also can provide you with intranet that enables you to have better connection with your devices and facilitate files and data transfer between your authorized team members.

Mobile Applications

Having a mobile application nowadays helps you stay close to your clients and a way to be always engaged with them instantly. Additionally, it helps you stay accessible to your clients, which improves their perception of your firm and brand. The application also helps you engage with your clients, provide better and easier services, and gives you an edge over your competitors in a tech-savvy society.


BD Partner will help you build your customized mobile application on iOS and Android platforms for your clients with all the features needed at high quality.

Business Intelligence and Operations

We produce technology-enhanced intelligence that equips analysts and strategists with a common operating picture enabling them to counter threats and sustain awareness at every organizational level.


We help you adapt and interact fast with any changes that may occur with your environment. We use systems that analyze millions of scenarios and help you come up with the best decision based on the data presented by you, which will help you operate in a faster way and give you better results. One Byte Technologies help you face all changes and difficulties.


As your hardware (PCs and laptops) and your software are an important part of your assets, BD partner recommends periodical follow-up and maintenance of your assets. This will help to keep the gadgets working in the most efficient way to guarantee smooth and effective workflow and it will also guarantee the smoothest workflow and coherence between your different departments due to the non-stop bug-fixed and updated software.


We also provide applications support on our operating system. Our mission is to avoid any malfunctions and if any happens, we will be able to repair it as soon as it can be done.

Hardware Installation

Hardware is a core key word in order to have a solid reliable infrastructure and system. We all know the time and effort it takes to install hardware that is fully optimized for your system with all the needed functionality and setup.


BD partner offers you doing that research process on your behalf, and we offer every type of hardware that your company needs to function and stay safe, for example: Cameras, PCs, laptops, repeaters, proxy systems; all of their accessories, security systems, VOIP systems, access points, storage, and servers.

Integrated Systems

Integrated Systems help you monitor your business, facilitate communication, and have a smoother workflow.


BD Partner have specialized experts that will offer you the integrated system that best fits your law firm. We offer you a lot of options for integrated systems that suit different departments within a law firm.

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