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Legal Market Research Services

Developing your marketing and business growth strategies through analysing your position in current and potential markets along with understanding the main key players in your market.

Client Hitlist

Clients’ profiles are important for any marketing endeavor to be successful, it helps you law firm tailor the best services for each one that matches their needs and expectations,


BD partners will provide you with a client data base that includes all the needed information, legal department heads’ names, phone numbers, and occupations to help you identify the best way to approach them and help you tailor the exact service that suits every client, we will also help you law firm prepare efficient strategies for targeting and communicating with the prospective clients.

Market Intelligence on Clients & Competitors

Market Intelligence is everyday data that is relevant and related to the market, it encompass information about consumer behavior, market dynamics and services needed to remain competent in the legal field, it helps your firm in maintaining an effective brand image and knowing what to focus on.


BD partner will be your edge in your market intelligence needs, by addressing the competitors’ strength and weaknesses and detailed competitors’ analysis, you will be provided with clear insights on how to continuously keep growing and develop competitive advantage, in addition to in-depth market analysis and an understanding of the client-business relationship is conducted before our clients enter new market segments.

Research Profile Management

The firm profile management is of a great importance, it reflects its expertise and credibility, you profile represents what you are, area of specialization, rankings, clients and provides your visitors and potential clients with a professional view of your firm.The more professional the firm’s profile, the more it attracts potential clients and opportunities.


BD partners provide a complete profile management solution, we handle preparing, arranging and polishing the business documents and requirements needed for the business representation to legal profiles and handling contacts with hosting institutions such as (IFLR 1000, Legal 500, Chambers & Partners, GAR review, WWL and The Law).

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